First of all I would like to say God Bless everyone who works in this program, it is a real blessing to us who can not buy enough food for the month without eating a lot of noodles.



If anyone has ever used ANY service from Evergreen Community Initiatives, whether it be Food Fill Up, Tree Huggers, Movies In The Park, Tiff's Kids Closet, or any of the other programs, could you please fill out a testimonial so we can start building this section of the website? We thank you in advance.

Evergreen Community Initiatives

Hi my ECI story is a little driffent than most. I help care for my nieces with there mom we are the family they have. ECI helped us in a different way then food or clothes, they helped me get a mattress for one of the bunk beds and now she sleeps great most nights other than being a young teenager. Then later down the road ECI members became our heroes again due to the top bed caving in, in the middle of the night with sleeping kids. One of the members and his wife took time out of there life and came to our house and fixed and reinforced there so that will never happen again. That's is just one reason we love ECI so much. And of course we have been helped by the other programs they run as well but that is the best reason we have that proves the love they have for others. Thanks for all the help and love ECI.


I'm very thankful for the food fill up and we have used it a few times. Things get tight and I have a household of 6 boys who like to eat. I have been blessed to be invited to food fill up even though I live in another county, but food fill up allows me to bring my kids and not get out of the car. The blessing to be able to join your program has been a great experience and we have always been able to use all of what we are given. I just want to thank you for helping me provide for God's orphans on a budget! The extra food makes a huge difference for this family!