Evergreen Community Initiatives, is made up a lot of volunteers. Without our volunteers our programs won't exist. Our Board of Directors is made up of people from all walks of life with various skill sets, but they all have one common goal: to help people in our community. It started out sharing Movies In The Park with Highland Church of Plover and as the needs grew, so did the program list. They now feed and clothe the less fortunate, hang scarves from trees to help people keep warm during the long winter months and are now on the venture of securing a building with the code name "Warming Center" to give extra spaces for the homeless to stay.

Al Kinnunen

Seat : Honorarium
Position : Founding Chairperson
When : Founding Member to 2013

Al moved to Stevens Point in 2002 and immediately noticed the needs in the community around him. When an opportunity to arose to feed people and meet one of those needs at the place of peace, he immediately gathered his friends and signed up. At his first meal, 9 turkeys were deep fried, the driveway caught on fire twice, and Al caught the bug for helping others. Five years later the founding leadership team of Place of Peace were ready to retire, and trusted Al to continue on what they had started. We try to continue on as he would have, being there for people in our community. We can give away all the free stuff we want, but connection and love through conversation is what Evergreen Community Initiatives strives for.

Tiffani Krueger

Seat : Board of Directors
Position : Chair, Super mom and foster parent, Stevens Point
When : Founding Member to Present

Tiffani is a local champion and advocate for the homeless. She is also Committee Chair for the Stevens Point Warming Center, Smile for Christ’s Sake, and Tiff’s Kids Closet. Tiffani has a heart for all she encounters. Moved by her faith, John 14:18 says “I will not leave you as orphans...” and Tiff does everything she can to help those in most desperate of need, paying it forward, in our community.

Patti Lewis Hermes

Seat : Board of Directors
Position : Member at Large, Place of Peace meal coordinator/ Communications
When : 2014 Present

If you call to sign up to provide a meal or come to partake, you have most likely see Patti in the kitchen. When asked why she volunteered Patti said, “I volunteer because my passion is to help, serve and care for others. God said 'This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you.' John 15:12."

Robert Pattillo

Seat : Board of Directors
Position : Member at Large (Committee Chair), Maintence La Quinta, Stevens Point
When : Founding Member to Present

When getting groceries from the Place of Peace Pantry, Bob is hard to miss. A mainstay and main advocate of the pantry since Evergreen Community was started. When asked why he served, Bob had this to say:

“I love serving God and others. I have met and served with, so many awesome people. It is so rewarding and a blessing!”

Jeff Stelk

Seat : Uncomfortable Desk Chair
Position : Member at Large, Web Master, Video Producer, Stevens Point
When : 2010 to Present

Jeff started as head of security and tech support for Movies In The Park. Through that program he got to know Joel and Al and eventually the rest of the ECI crew. Recently Jeff donated his services to the cause by building and maintaining the Evergreen Community Initiatives website. Jeff not only helps out ECI, but he also is a co-manager of the photo and video Lifest group called the Ninjagraphers, photo/video guy for Royal Family Kids Camp and is a Cubmaster and Den Leader for the Cub Scouts.

Chris Tillman

Seat : Board of Directors
Position : Member at Large
When : 2017 to Present

Pastor Chris holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in Political Science and Public Administration and a Master's degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Rosalie, were married in 2006 and have five children (Lydia, Susannah, Simeon, Felicity, and Naomi.) Spare time is generally occupied by time with the fam, home remodeling excitement, scattered attempts at fixing vehicles, and laughing at dry and sarcastic humor.

Dee Ruttens

Seat : Board of Directors
Position :Member at Large
When : 2013-Current

Dee has participated and volunteered in many of Evergreen Community Initiative’s programs, since the beginning. She has always worked behind the scene, where ever needed. This past year she has taken on a more active role at Place of Peace, Tiff's Kid's Closet and Smile for Christ's Sake. As to why she loves volunteering in these areas? There is nothing more important than letting someone know, they are loved and special. The smile and hug I get in return, PRICELESS.

Alycia Skomsvold

Seat : Board of Directors
Position :Vice Chair
When : 2016-Current

Alycia is a mother of one son and one daughter, both are now adulting. Alycia also served 8 years in the United States Army as a diesel mechanic and as a 5-ton wrecker operator. Her husband, Daniel, served 26 years and has since retired. Both Alycia and her husband are very proud to have had the privilege and honor of serving this great Nation. Alycia's greatest passion and love however, is the Lord of her life Jesus and serving Him. Reaching His heart and aiming to please Him is a mission that compels her daily. Alycia says, "I stand ready to "go" where ever the Father sends me." Alycia cherishes her church home, Downtown Mission Church, 1948 Church Street, Stevens Point. DMC is also the home of ECI. God is good!!

Trisha Steinhorst

Seat : Board of Directors
Position :Member at Large (Committee Chair) Movies in the Park
When : 2013 to Present

Trisha and her son Braden began their journey with ECI volunteering on homeless outreaches in Madison, while living in Reedsburg WI. Shortly after moving back to the Stevens Point area, they become more involved with the many initiatives that ECI has to offer. Along with coordinating the Movies in the Park event, Trisha serves on the Board of Commissions for the Stevens Point Housing Authority (2016-Present) and is enrolled as an IPO Communications and Arts Management Major at UW-Stevens Point (2015-Present).

“I know how it feels when others genuinely care about you even when you are at you are worst. It makes my heart smile to be able to give back in that same way.”


Seat : Board of Directors
Position :Member at Large, Grandmother, Mother of 2, and Wife
When : 2017 to Present

You will find Julie either on a homeless outreach, at the warming center volunteering, or in the food pantry as the newly appointed Pantry Lead. "By helping others, it gives me a gift of spirituality and gratitude for all the blessings the Lord has shown me."