Tiff's Kids Closet

Tiffani, chair of Evergreen Community Initiatives is a mother of two small children, an older daughter, as well as a foster parent for our local community. During a Place of Peace meal she was noticing children attending in clothing that was either torn, tattered, or just didn't fit.

Having 5 kids she could only imagine what low income and single parent households must deal with when the monkeys grow like palm trees! Inspired she started gathering all the gently used kids clothes she could find.
First through networking and social media, then eventually setting up shelves in the Evergreen Community Initiative’s facility, Tiff’s Kids Closet has been serving the community since 2013.  It currently serves 150-200 children each month.
Our address is 1948 Church st, (two blocks behind Belt’s Ice Cream on the oneway). The doors open at 2:00 PM and close after the Place of Peace meal. Our stock is constantly being rotated and new donations come in daily thanks to our wonderful community of Stevens Point. The only way to know what we have is stop in and see!

The following are the rules for Tiff’s Kids Closet.

  1. One bag per child.
  2. Please take 1/2 nice clothing and 1/2 play clothing
  3. Stick to your child’s size
  4. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. Shoppers should try to limit time to 20 minutes.


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