Food Fill-Up

Food Fill-Up has been a blessing these past five years both to the community and to us at Evergreen Community Initiatives. But unfortunately, funding is no longer available for this program.

Food Fill-Up has a cost of $10,000 a year, and with out a new source of funding, ECI is forced to suspend this program until further notice. We will work this winter to see if a budget solution can be found, but at this time, none are readily available.

We want to thank all the volunteers that have come to sort and distribute throughout the years. You were the reason we were successful.....every time!

We want to thank Feeding America for partnering with us in the first place. Their organization was tops!

Lastly, we have many other sources for food in the area including our own pantry every Thursday night. If you need help, please reach out. We will try to connect you with organizations we are aware of.

Have a great day!