Smile! For Christ’s Sake

Smile! For Christ's Sake is a homeless outreach dedicated to simply making someone smile. Serving those most affected in our community, and all over Wisconsin, SFCS gathers things needed by the homeless community like clothes, food, socks, hygiene, then brings it to some of the hardest hit areas to those living on the street.

ECI supports the SFCS mission in not turning a blind eye to our homeless population with one-third being veterans. These are people in our community in need of help. We do whatever we can, whenever we can to assist those in need. We partner with almost every other homeless program in the area, and if we can't help, we strive to connect people with those who can.

We currently try to focus as much energy on the homeless issues in our community. Providing resources, networking, and love to anyone who we come in to contact with in the Stevens Point area as well as Madison and Milwaukee.